Wanna GoGo is a digital car rental company in Turku

Fast everyday service from a 100% digital car rental company. Wanna GoGo is located in Turku and Raisio. Check out the story of Wanna GoGo! 

Where did it all start?

The paramedics Juha and Valtteri from the Turku region, Lieto, entered a field that was still completely unknown to them, thanks to the acquisition. 
The industry began to become a little more familiar through practice through work. However, after looking at the field with the latest eyes, they noticed that car-sharing, which is fully digital in Finland, is not yet very well known. 
Juha and Valtteri began to think together how they could make the car rental company familiar to Turku’s people even more customer-friendly. They are developing the business of a traditional car rental company in a more automated direction by reducing the physical human contact in the rental process. The results spoke in turn, as customers were satisfied, and the company’s profitability improved. 
This gave rise to the idea of starting to develop their car rental business towards an automated and fully digital car rental company. Their goal is to make renting a car as mundane, effortless, and responsible as possible. 

Our car rental company wants to offer its users a service that is...


Ease of use has been one of our most important criteria from the beginning. Almost everyone we have a smartphone with us all the time, which is why we wanted to enable a rental process with an app interface. We put the timer on and tested how long it takes to register. The clock showed 57 seconds, and we were pleased. After registration, car rental is even easier, as you can rent a car from the Wanna GoGo app with a few clicks. 


With the App, you can make a car rental decision at the h-hour – almost like jumping on the car from your backyard! Availability is easily visible on the app map, and renting does not require a visit to a car rental company to get your car used. We want to make car sharing as mundane and independent as possible, which is why everything you need can be done from the app. Why would you need to own a car at all in the 2020s?  


Our goal is to continuously develop our operations to be more responsible. It has been studied that car sharing reduces emissions, creates more space in cities, and saves costs if a private car accumulates less than 10,000 kilometers per year (source). According to the survey, 53% of respondents would like to see more investment in car-sharing in the future. Wanna GoGo is a responsible and effortless alternative to car sharing. Wanna GoGo’s team is also constantly looking for new opportunities to collaborate with different parties for a greener city life. 

How does renting a car or van from a digital car rental company work?


Download the application and register


Select the nearest car or van on the map


Go! Enjoy your drive


Return your car to the place of departure

Download the Wanna GoGo app to your phone